meet the artist.


if you’re over eyebrows coming off at the gym, and leaving behind eyeliner in 2017, then this website is for you. an extra 30 minutes in bed every morning sounds nice doesn’t it?

my first priority as a cosmetic tattoo artist is how you feel with me from beginning to end. i hope to give you that extra bit of confidence when you look in the mirror. this makes both of us happy and happy people are fun to play with. 

the healthcare industry has been my passion for as long as i’ve been employed. the joy of adding value to people’s lives, mixed with innate creativity and a steady hand has lead me down the path of cosmetic tattoo. i was also lucky to spend a year in dermatology to learn about all things skin, while completing pre-nursing requirements in college.

i am everlasting brows certified in microblading, advanced microblading, manual eyeliner, and manual lips. more services to come very soon. i just want the best for your beautiful face bb's!  #lookinGOOD

in my free time i'm most likely doing an outdoor hobby like hiking or snowboarding, or learning something new (really into calligraphy at the moment). and yes, some days i do order take out and binge watch documentaries or classic movies all night.

well, "brows" around, drop me a line, thank you for stopping by!